Upgrading the Timex Run Trainer Firmware

  1. Download the latest version of firmware here:
    Click the link to download the firmware, and save the file to your Desktop.
  2. Insert the large USB-A plug on the download/charging clip into a USB port on the computer.
  3. Attach the download/charging clip to the back of the Timex Run Trainer™ watch. Please make sure that you fully connect the download cable to the back of the watch, as the pins on the download clip must align with the four metal circles on the back of the watch, and check that the clip is snapped all the way in place.
    !!! It is important to note that when you update the Run Trainer with the new firmware your configuration settings, as displayed in Run Trainer's Settings dialog, are erased from the watch. Instructions on how to save your Configuration Settings can be found HERE.
  4. Open Device Agent.
  5. Select Timex Run Trainer™ from the Device menu.
  6. Go to the File menu and select Update Device.
  7. When asked for the firmware file, select the file saved to your Desktop from Step 1.
  8. The watch will show a progress bar on the screen indicating that the Run Trainer's firmware is being upgraded.  DO NOT DISCONNECT THE WATCH FROM THE COMPUTER, OR ABORT THE OPERATION FROM THE WATCH.
  9. The Run Trainer will reset and shut down when the upgrade is completed. Once the Run Trainer automatically shuts down, it is ok to disconnect the watch from the computer.
  10. To restore your Run Trainer configuration settings, follow these steps.