Timex Ironman Run Trainer Firmware V16 Release Notes

  • Provide additional live data during the workout:
    • Chrono Mode – Lap Distance and Lap (Avg.) Pace
    • Interval Mode – Interval Distance and Interval (Avg.) Pace
    • Timer Mode – Rep Distance and Rep (Avg.) Pace

  • Shut off the GPS reception after 30 minutes to preserve watch battery life when a
    workout (Chrono, Interval and/or Timer-based) has not been started

Changes previously made under the V13 Run Trainer Firmware:

  • Prompt user to turn off radio after the workout is reset and saved

  • Change auto split by distance so that it supports hundredths, not just tenths

  • Use full melody alert for all hands-free Chrono split/lap recording

  • Use full melody alert for any intervals greater than 5 seconds

  • Fix problem with stoppages in Interval and Timer modes

  • Auto split default changes to 1.0 from 5.0 (for miles or kilometers)